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It is when you are in need that you really see who is there for you!! I was involved in a car accident, which my car was totaled. I really didn’t have much time to shop around, but I finally went to Violette Motors to see if they could assist me and I didn’t regret it!!

It was with a great chance that I’ve met Robin Violette. He was able to get all that puzzle straightened out and took charge in my case. He listened to my needs and made sure that all were covered at a price impossible to refuse!!

From what I was able to see so far and from what people talk about. The customer service at Violette Motors is impressive and they really do have their customer concern in mind all the time!!

Sincerely, I was very impressed by them and an acknowledgment was in order. Finally I would like to present to you my new Ford Escape 2013.

Vicky Michaud
2013 Escape SE
2013 Escape SE
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